The People Who Make JMK Personal

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The People Who Make JMK Personal

JMK Solicitors feature one member of staff each week on Facebook so you can get to know a little bit about them. 

Find out more about our Chairman, Jonathan McKeown in his profile below.

Name: Jonathan McKeown

Job Title: Chairman

* How long have you worked for JMK?

I founded the firm in October 2003, so nearly 14 years!

* What is the best thing about working for JMK?

Our mission is to improve the lives of people involved in accidents. I am very grateful for the efforts of our staff in achieving this outcome and for the many clients who have allowed us to help them. It is not an easy process to seek compensation after an accident but I know that we have built a very well motivated team who work hard to make the client’s experience as good as it can be.

* What is your favourite thing to do in Northern Ireland?

Take my children to the cinema. I have probably seen every U and PG movie in the last 12 years. I love the whole experience from the pick’n’mix to the big seats – and its not weather dependent!

* What is your favourite holiday destination?

We stayed near Dubrovnik a few years ago and the Old City itself was incredible. Very old but really well maintained. I would really like to return to spend more time there.

* Fun fact about you?

I fell down a set of stone steps when I was at school, tearing ligaments in my ankle. I later discovered that my father had fallen down the same steps and injured himself when he had been at the school many years earlier.

* What was your first job?

Summer 1985. I worked for two weeks for my uncle who had a wholesale wines and spirits business. At the end of the first week, the lorry I was in got hi-jacked and myself, the driver and another helper spent several hours in the back alleyway of some houses in Belfast. The lorry turned up in one piece the next day, but its valuable contents of beer and wine had been taken! The second week was nowhere near as exciting.

* What is your favourite legal film/TV programme?

Too many to mention as I watch every one going! I do like Reversal of Fortune, The Rainmaker and Phil Spector because the lead lawyers show that you need to have a lot of intuition and strategic ability in addition to legal knowledge to do the job well.

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