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Our Charities

At JMK Solicitors ‘Making People Our Priority’ is one of Our Core Values therefore we take our commitment to charity seriously. We also believe that helping others first is very important so at the beginning of each year we select two charities who we commit to working with throughout the year.

Every year, employees are asked to suggest personal charities and events to the Social and Charity Committee, giving reasons why a certain charity is important to them. All employees have the chance to vote for the charity they prefer and the two with the highest votes are selected. We believe it is important to support our staff and contacts whom we value and ‘celebrate their successes’ in various activities.

Fundraising Events

Each year we hold a series of fundraising events in-house and externally. On the last Friday of every month we have ‘Dress Down Friday’ for staff to show off their personal style and to start the weekend of the end of the month early. To take part in ‘Dress Down Friday’ we ask staff to fill our charity buckets with their loose change! We have extra Dress Down Days such as ‘Wear Red for Valentine’s Day’ or ‘Christmas Jumper Day’.

We aim to hold at least one external table quiz in a local bar or hotel each year for our staff as well as the public. These table quizzes are promoted on our website, Facebook and LinkedIn pages coming up to the quiz. We believe table quizzes are great events to raise vital funds for any charity guaranteeing a good night’s craic with lots of raffle prizes to be won!

To mark key holidays during the year such as Easter, Summer and Halloween we hold themed Coffee Mornings and Big Breakfasts in-house for our staff. The best homemade cakes and tray-bakes are brought into the office by staff to share amongst each other while making a donation and enjoying a cuppa with a colleague they might not see very often.

Charity News

Click below to read the most recent charitable events news from JMK Solicitors.

Charitable Events

2020 Charity

Our 2020 charity is Cancer Fund for Children.

Cancer Fund for Children exists to provide practical and emotional support to young people (aged 0-24 years old) diagnosed with cancer and young people who have a parent diagnosed with cancer. Through our range of individual, sibling and group support alongside bereavement support and short breaks at our therapeutic short break centre Daisy Lodge in Newcastle, Co. Down, our aim is to empower, connect and strengthen young people and their families so they feel better equipped to deal with the emotional impact cancer has on their lives. This vital support would not be possible without businesses such as JMK Solicitors by our side.

cancer fund for children

2021 Charities

We aim to alternate the charities we work with each year which we believe gives as many people as possible the opportunity to benefit from.

To be considered as one of our 2021 charity partners please email media@jmksolicitors.com before 3oth  October 2020.