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Is my car worth less after an accident and can I claim?

As Northern Ireland’s largest personal injury and road traffic accident solicitors we often come across this very common question from our clients which is:  ‘I’ve heard that even after my car is repaired that it might be worth less than it was before the accident. Is that right?’ And the answer is Yes - in [...]

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Personal Injuries aren’t always just physical!

At JMK Solicitors, we deal with all types of personal injury cases, however not all are just physical injuries.  A recent case in which we acted for a client highlights that psychological injuries can also occur, even if there is no physical impact involved. The circumstances were that a large, unmanned, commercial vehicle on a [...]

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What to do if a vehicle damages your property

Did you know that you don’t have to make a claim via your home insurance policy in the event of damage caused by a vehicle crashing into your property? Follow the steps below to ensure that you protect your policy excess and receive all that you are entitled to! The level of a successful recovery hinges [...]

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Flexible working works at JMK!

JMK Solicitors are Northern Ireland’s leading Personal Injury firm and we take great pride in looking after our customers following an accident.  To achieve this we look after our staff too and have implemented a number of flexible working ideas to achieve the optimum work life balance. We want our team to have the benefit [...]

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